Why should we prefer custom-made abutment and prosthetic parts? Custom Abutments are more successful than standard abutments. Since they are designed according to the prosthesis to be built on, they support the prosthesis better and have a more strong structure.

What are the Advantages of Custom Abutment? The angle and form of the abutment are determined by the relationship of the jaw arch, adjacent teeth, and occlusion. The connection geometry is meticulously processed with CAM technology to ensure a perfect match between the implant and the abutment.

Differences Between Standard Abutment and Custom Abutment Implant treatments and the construction of the associated upper prostheses require very good preparation before the application. In order to decide the ideal combination of aesthetics, functions and hygienic functions,

What is Custom Abutment? The abutment is the "Artificial Cut Tooth Form" which allows the ceramic crown to be placed on the implants. After the healing process, the abutments are placed on the implant and ceramic teeth are produced with the measurements taken over it.

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