Screw Breakage and Loosening Problems in Implant Applications Abutment screw fracture is one of the most common complications in implant applications. This problem, which is considered very important by dentists, can be solved by removing the broken screw or by making extra attempts on it.

Titanium 6Al-4V “Eli” “Eli” is a high purity form of titanium raw material, which is frequently used in medical and dental industries. Titanium “Eli“ is preferred in materials that combine lightness, high corrosion resistance, and durability requirements. Its most important feature is that it combines high damage tolerance with durability.

Advantages of Implant Treatment The biggest advantage of dental implant is that it is more reliable and comfortable to use than other treatment methods. The most important factor that makes the implant so successful is its presence as a stand-alone structure in the mouth. In the bridge and crown treatments used before implant treatment, the teeth adjacent to these structures

How to manufacture an Implant? Before implant treatment, an examination is performed and information about your general health status is obtained. If necessary, you may be asked for some tests (diabetes, vascular diseases, etc.). The bone density required for the implant is measured, the anatomical formations, the type and the number of implants to be placed are determined.

What is Implant? Implant is one of the most important topics in dentistry in the 21st century. Correct diagnosis, dental implant, when applied with sufficient knowledge, experience and equipment, is a form of treatment that can give very successful results for the patient and the physician.

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