Custom-made Manufacturing

Custom-made Manufacturing
Manufacturing in accordance with world standards

All products are manufactured from DIN EN 10204: 2005 certified titanium, zirconium or chromium-cobalt raw materials for medical use. Implament serves with a production network and understanding with all the facilities of a world-class implant company. It creates privilege in production with its high precision machinery. Since the Implament considers your health as its first priority, it is adopted a philosophy itself to designing and producing the most suitable dental products for you.

Implament has succeeded reducing the process to a minimum of time as well as providing high quality in the manufacture of prosthetic parts over the implant. In this way, it has surpassed other custom abutment manufacturing systems in the world. By integrating the swiss type CNC automat operation and the vertical CNC system one to one, the system speed is accelerated by 80 percent.

For custom abutments, which make up a large part of the manufacturing number, this feature stands out even more. For this reason, custom abutment is very important for the success of implant treatment. Most custom abutment manufacturing methods have a production time of 50 to 70 minutes. In the other two-stage manufacturing systems in the world, manufacturing time is 30 minutes on average. In this system developed by the Implament, the average manufacturing time can be reduced to 5 minutes. That is why the Implament is able to manufacture high quality at very reasonable prices.


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